Who’s Your Body Double?

“Who’s my body double?? Why in the world would I need a body double, Jennifer? I’m not an actor in an action packed movie! I’m just an every day person with ADHD!”

I know, I know. But a body double in the ADHD world is not the same as a body double in the movies.

What kind of body double am I talking about?

A body double for someone with ADHD is simply someone who is with you while your work. This could look a number of different ways:

  • It could be someone sitting at the kitchen table reading a book while you work on your computer.
  • A parent could be cooking dinner while the child works on homework.
  • A college student could sit at a table in the library with a friend while they both study.
  • You could Zoom or Facetime with a colleague, family member, or friend while you both work silently.

When should I use a body double?

You can use a body double anytime you need to get work done, especially those tasks that you have no desire or motivation to start. Patricia Quinn, MD has some great suggestions for when to use a body double in her article posted here in ADDitude Magazine.



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