Get Creative with Your Summer Schedule

Now that summer is here and you have the base of your routine set, let’s get creative and add some “dory-like” fun.  If you missed my first post on Swim Through Summer, check it out here.  In this post, I’m focusing more on elementary age kiddos.  But don’t worry, I’ll cover middle & high school age students in the next post.

There are so many ways to add fun and be creative with your summer routine.  One of my personal favorites is creating a theme for each day of the week.  You create a theme by designating certain days for certain activities.  Some activities might be movie day, craft day, library day, pool day, play date day. You get the idea!

I especially like it when the day and activity start with the same letter. I think it makes a schedule more fun.  Plus, it’s easier to remember what activity you are doing on what day.

Julie over @ Happy Home Fairy shares a simple summer schedule where the day and activity start with the same letter.  Make it Monday. Take a Trip Tuesday.  Water Wednesday.  Thoughtful Thursday.  Friend Friday.  She also has a post packed with lots of summer activities she has gathered from Pinterest.  So be sure to check it out here.

Simple Summer Schedule

Simple Summer Schedule from Happy Home Fairy

Laura @ Inspiration for Moms has her own take on a summer schedule and uses the same idea of the day and activity starting with the same letter.  Instead of Make it Monday, her’s is Move It Monday.  It’s a great example of making a schedule your own based on what your kids and family like to do.  If you like the layout of her schedule be sure and snag her free printable while you are there.

Summer Schedule from Inspiration for Moms

I like the Vegas Family blog idea of letting each child make a Pinterest board for Make it Monday projects.  Isn’t that a great idea?  Now you don’t have to remember the projects or come up with the ideas.  Granted, you may need to offer some guidance and a budget. (LOL) Just think, every Sunday you could sit down, pick a project from the Pinterest board, make a supply list, and go grab any items you may not have.

Summer Fun Schedule from Vegas Family

Another theme I like is from Mother’s Niche.  Their Tuesday schedule is Taste Something Tuesday.  This is a time to cook, bake, go to the farmer’s market, ice cream, shaved ice.  I’ve always thought it would be fun to make a new dessert every week during the summer.  You could work on all sorts of executive function skills –  Planning, organizing, task initiation, goal-directed persistence…  Kristina also has a list of summer activities she has gathered.  Check out her activities post here.

Summer Schedule from Mother’s Niche

I hope your summer is packed full of scheduled, creative fun!  How will you get creative this summer?  Let me know!



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