HUSH! It’s Funny Friday

I’ve been waiting all week to share today’s Funny Friday. Compliments of who else than my own personal comedian and ADHD teenager, Carlton. Now, let me preface this story with the admission that what he did, although funny, was disrespectful to his band teacher and inappropriate. And yes, he was sent to the principal’s office and yes, I made sure he knew it was disrespectful and that he needs to apologize. So, without further ado…

The Funny Friday Backstory

Every summer the kids and I go back to NC to visit my parents.  The trip wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the “fish camp.”  For all you non-Southern folks reading this post, a “fish camp” is what we call a “fish restaurant” in the South.  Anyway, our favorite part of the meal (besides the sweet tea and the company, of course) are the hushpuppies.  Shut the front door, ya’ll!  These things are amazing!  You cannot replicate southern hushpuppies!  Especially the ones from Blue Bay Seafood Restaraunt in Salisbury, NC!  As I re-read this paragraph, I can totally hear Julia Fowler of  The Southern Women Channel, telling ya’ll this story!  (And if you haven’t visited her youtube channel, you have no idea what you’re missing!)

Funny Friday picture of Carlton & Mimi eating hush puppies in 2016

Carlton & Mimi enjoying a hush-puppy @ Blue Bay back in 2016.

The Funny Friday Story

So, this past Monday in band, the teacher, trying to get everyone to be quiet, shouted “HUSH!”  To which Carlton quick wittingly replied in the same loud volume as Mrs. Bond, “PUPPIES!”

And we know how that story ended…(besides being featured on my Funny Friday post) Carlton got to go visit his principal.  Who, thank the Lord, “gets” Carlton.  He lovingly makes sure he knows what he did was wrong, why it was wrong and what would have been a better option.  Carlton respects him and admires him.  I really don’t know what we would do without him.  Not that Carlton is a bad kid.  He’s barely been to the principal’s office this year or last year. (9th & 10th grade)  7th and 8th grade is a different story.  Which might be why he and Mr. Farup have such a good relationship.  But seriously, a shout out to Mr. Matt Farup at Lincoln Christian School here in NE.

Anyway…any guesses on if the principal laughed after he sent Carlton back to class???  My guess is YES.  I might just have to ask Matt about that one.  Or, if he reads this post, maybe he will leave a comment…(Hint, Hint Matt.)

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