Are You Ready for a Light Bulb Moment?

A local after school program here in Lincoln, called Lighthouse, launched a fundraising event this spring titled Illuminating Lincoln: Lighthouse.  As we drove to and from school, errands and regular activities, we began seeing gigantic light bulbs pop up all over town.  For our family, mainly me and my daughter, it turned into a summer long scavenger hunt (which lead into fall) to find all the lights around town and take our picture with each one.  We just finished getting our last two light bulbs on Friday!  Thursday night all the light bulbs were on display at Haymarket Park, and you can bet we were there!  Thinking about seeing these unique, individual, fantastically created light bulbs displayed all together on one gigantic baseball field, made me start thinking about light bulb moments.  It lead me consider how ADHD coaching can bring about some fantastic light bulb moments, and I can’t wait to experience these “aha moments” with my clients!

My objective as an ADHD coach is to educate a client and their family (for children, tweens & teens) about ADHD and the ADHD brain, so they gain an understanding of the behaviors, symptoms and struggles they may be experiencing.

This education and understanding then leads to a path of compassion, which allows for discovery and goal setting.   Compassion permits the ADDer to realize they are not broken or stupid, but uniquely and fantastically made.  Together we explore their strengths and their learning styles, in order to develop tailor made systems, strategies and routines to help them succeed.  I am their accountability partner, their mentor, their guide.

As parents of an ADDer begin to understand their child’s behavior in relation to the ADHD brain, compassion allows them to respond rather than react to behaviors.  Together, we develop strategies and routines for the home and school based on their child’s struggles.  I am their resource, their partner, the one they call with a success or an S.O.S.

Compassion, I believe, ultimately leads to change.  A change in the way the ADDer views themselves and their future.  A change in the way they go about everyday life.  For the parents, it leads to a change in the way they view their child.  A change in the atmosphere of the home.  The home becomes a place of solace and understanding for the ADDer.  Parents feel empowered to help their child, and no longer feel as though they are grasping at straws wondering how they will survive one more day.

Education, Understanding, Compassion and Change is a process.  It doesn’t happen overnight.  It does take work.  However, it only takes one or two coaching sessions of educating about ADHD and the brain for that light bulb moment of understanding to turn on and shine bright, so the journey to compassion and change can begin.  I love light bulb moments, don’t you?

Want to learn how ADHD Coaching can help you, your family and/or your child succeed?  Click here to schedule a FREE 30 minute phone consultation with me.  If you don’t live in Lincoln, NE, no worries, we can coach via phone or Skype!




  1. sandy kelley

    Would love to be put on your email list. Also, would like to win the book that YOU have an article in. 🙂
    I would love to do lunch sometime and chat about add/adhd. I would even buy:)

    • jennifer

      Thanks, Sandy! I will put your name in the raffle and add you to my email list. (that’s 2 entries) You can share the video post to your Facebook profile for another entry! I am up for lunch anytime!

  2. Tia

    Sounds great!

    • jennifer

      Thanks, Tia. I will put your name in the raffle to win a copy of the FREE book. Be sure and find my Facebook page and share the video post to your profile to win another entry into the raffle!


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