Your ADHD/ADDer Needs a Summer Routine

We are starting our second full week of summer in the Kampfe house.  I typically give the kids a week to just lounge around with no real schedule, but even with just one week, I pay the cost with my ADDer.  He tends to be grumpy and moody, and digs his heels in more than usual when asked to do something not on his agenda.  I sacrificed my sanity for one week and now we are all scheduled with our routines and ready to go.
The picture you see is a printable weekly task sheet I found on the Busy Mom’s Helper blog.  You can find and download the task sheet here.  I love that it has each day of the week broken down into morning, afternoon and evening.  This way Carlton is not tied to each task being at a certain time but just know the tasks are done in order at some point in the morning, afternoon or evening.  Last summer I tried a strict schedule with each day mapped out by certain times.  Learn from my mistakes and don’t do that!  Needless to say, we didn’t maintain the strict schedule very well.
ADDers like routine.  Their brains need it and thrive on it.  I can’t tell you what a difference it makes when Carlton knows what to expect and what is expected of him. So what types of things did I schedule?
  • I have scheduled free time (which for Carlton is TV or video games) in all three sections of the day.  He tends to do better with the other tasks if he knows he has some screen time coming.
  • I also have him waking up and going to bed around the same time each day.  Yes, he’s 14 years old, but maturity wise he about eleven, and knowing a general wake up and bed time makes for less arguments.
  • I even put showers in the schedule because being a typical boy, last week when we weren’t on a schedule, he got irritated every time I told him to take a shower.  What is it with boys and cleanliness?
  • His weekly activities like  tennis, karate and trombone lessons are written down.
  • I scheduled time each day to read, practice trombone and even play bad mitten with Mom (a little thing we started last summer).
  • Breakfast, Medication, Lunch and Dinner are written in each day as well.  Seriously, he wouldn’t eat much at all if he wasn’t reminded.  He tends to want to each a late lunch in the summer which in turn messes up his dinner.  So a scheduled lunch it is!
  • And we can’t forget chores!  Seriously, peeps, when he knows he has certain chores to help with on certain days, it is so much easier!  Sure, he still grumbles a little, but not nearly as much if I just randomly asked him to do something.  As a side note, his chores are helping cook dinner, set the table and clean up on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  He helps me (keyword:  helps).  I give direction and we get it done together with a lot less distractions and even some laughs.
I hope this gives you some ideas for creating a schedule and routine for your ADHD/ADDer.  And please comment below with your ADDers summer routine.



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