ADHD: Summer Reading for Mom

Summer is right around the corner.  So I thought I would post my summer reading program for Moms.  Wait…Moms?  Aren’t our kiddos the ones who need to be signing up for the local library’s summer reading program?  Yes, they are, and we will get to that in next week’s post.  But for now, summer is a good time as parents for us to get some extra reading in as well.  (I’m typing this statement even as I’m freaking out over our summer schedule and how I’m going to fit it all in!)   If you are fortunate enough to stay home with your children, consider choosing a time each day when everyone in the house reads.  Set the timer and commit to reading.  What better way to encourage our children to read than if they see the parents reading.  Consider all gathering in one place to read.  This technique is called using a body double.  Being in the same room with your ADDer while you both read, may allow him/her to focus better on the task at hand.  If you are a working Mom, try reading by the pool on the weekends.  The kids burn off some energy, while you read and catch some rays.  That sounds good to me!  When does the pool open?! There are several books on my summer reading list I’d like to share with you.  Most of these books have been suggested to me through my ADHD Coach Training.  I’ve included direct links to Amazon for each book.  So click on the link, add to your cart, and let’s read together this summer!
A New Understanding of ADHD in Children and Adults by Thomas E. Brown.  I am personally interested in the ADHD brain and how it functions.  Research has shown that there are developmental differences in the ADHD brain when compared to a neuro-typical brain. Dr. Edward Hallowell encourages education to be the first step in treating ADHD.  You and your  child need to know why he/she struggles with certain things. Dr. Brown is the Assistant Professor of Psychiatry at the Yale University School of Medicine and he is well known in the ADHD community.  The summary on Amazon touts that the scientific research lingo is written in an understandable  language.  I’m excited to read this book.
The Energetic Brain is, you guessed it, another book about the ADHD brain.  While the Brown book, mentioned above, is a little on the pricey side, this book may be a nice alternative if price is an issue.   While it may seem to cover the same topics as the Brown book, the advantage I see to The Energetic Brain, should you choose between on of these two books, is the multiple authors.  Written by a neuroscientist who studies ADHD, a clinician who diagnoses and treats ADHD and a special educator, you can’t beat the combination of experience you’re receiving in the authors!
Next on the list is a parenting book by Dr. Edward Hallowell.  Superparenting for ADD:  An Innovative Approach to Raising Your Distracted Child, offers a strength based approach to parenting our ADHD kids.  It received high reviews and quite frankly, you can’t go wrong reading any of Hallowell’s books.  He has such a positive view of ADHD (he himself has an ADHD diagnosis) and writes in a way that is easy and interesting to read while packed from cover to cover with helpful information.  If you are a parent and struggling with how to handle your child or simply frustrated and overwhelmed and looking for something, anything new that might help – this could be your book.  Granted, no one has all the answers, but Hallowell is a good place to start!
And finally, I have one more book on my summer list.  I recently listened to a webinar hosted by ADDITUDE magazine (if you don’t have a subscription and are not on the email list, or follow them on Facebook – you definitely need to!).  The guest speaker was Dr. Jerome J. Schultz.  You can listen to the webinarhere.  In the webinar he discussed why ADHD and LD students hate school.  He gave examples based on science  about how the ADHD nervous system responds differently to stress and why this response is adding to our kids hating school.  The webinar definitely leaves you salivating to get your hands on his book.  This is one I will be reading towards the end of the summer in preparation for the school year.  Nowhere to Hide:  Why Kids with ADHD and LD Hate School and What We Can Do About It
Keep in mind that I have not personally read these book yet, so I will be reading right along with you.  I will be posting my favorite quotes from each book on my Facebook page, so be sure to like my page if you haven’t done so already.  If any of you have read one of  these books, comment below and let me know your personal review.  Be on the look out next week for my post on what books I’m going to have my son reading this summer. Have a wonderful Memorial Day!



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