Dear Coach of an ADHD Athlete

In a recent blog post titled “ADHD:  The Tears of a Mom” I talked about my son’s struggle with a new tennis coach.  I felt somewhat to blame for this struggle between my ADHD athlete and his coach because I hadn’t educated the coach on ADHD, much less mentioned that my son has it.  When you have a child with an ADHD diagnosis, you need to educate everyone that will play a role in his/her life.  Even though ADHD is a common diagnosis, the vast majority of people don’t really know what it means.  They may know the basic jargon of “can’t focus &  hyper…,” but that is usually the extent of it.  And because Attention Deficit can look completely different from one child to the next, each person in your child’s life needs to know how the symptoms manifest in your child as well as tips in handling those symptoms. I took some time this week and came up with a fact sheet of information I will be giving to any coach involved in the life of my ADHD athlete.  It’s something I can manipulate to use for school, youth group, music lessons and anything else that may come up.  With summer quickly approaching, your ADDer may be involved in new activities in which you will need to educate about ADHD so you child can have the best experience possible.  That’s why I created a fact sheet just for you!  So check it out, print it out, fill it in and turn it in to the coach or instructor of your ADHD athlete.  You’ll be glad you did! Get-to-know-my-child1 copy



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