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parent coaching with jenniferLet’s face it, parenting is hard. As the parent of an ADDer and a non-ADDer, I can tell you parenting a child with complex needs, like ADHD, is even harder. The road is long and bumpy, and many times it may seem more like a roller coaster than a road.


  • Are you at your wits end because of your child’s behaviors?
    • Coaching can help you understand those behaviors and allow you to offer compassion, understanding and help to your ADDer.
    • When you understand your child’s behavior you can learn productive ways to handle those intense moments and build trust with your child.
  • Are you tired of going to parent teacher conferences only to hear, “Johnny just needs to try harder?”
    •  A coach can offer support to you and your child’s teachers so everyone has a better school experience.
  • Are you frustrated with trying to get your child out the door in the mornings and in bed at night?
    •  A coach can help you develop strategies and routines to make these times and others like them, less chaotic.
  • Do you struggle to see your child’s gifts and strengths because the negative seems to outweigh the positive?
    •  A coach can help you discover those unique qualities and strengths so you can help your child build self-confidence.

jen and carl2Parent Coaching Packages are:

  • Great for those with small children
  • Those whose child has been recently diagnosed with ADHD
  • Parents want to know more about ADHD.

No matter what you are facing, you need to know that you are not alone. I want YOU to feel confident as a parent and have a great relationship with your child.

“A parent with ADHD is 8-10 times more likely to have a child with ADHD than a parent who does not have ADHD.”

-Russell Barkley

Family Coaching Packages are ideal for families with one or more children who want to learn about ADHD and how compassion and peace can be restored to their home.

ADHD affects everyone in the family, not just the individual diagnosed. ADHD Family Coaching can change:

  • Tension to compassion
  • Guilt to understanding
  • Fear to forward momentum

“Knowing what impact children with ADHD have on their families, how their families act on them, and how their behavior is managed by parents will help you understand not just your child but also yourself, and even your family as a whole.”

-Russell Barkley

“The parent-child and sibling-child interactions in a family of a child with ADHD have been shown to be inherently more negative and stressful for all family members than the typical interactions in other families.”

-Russell Barkley

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