Services for College Students

Navigating the world of college can be difficult for any student. New freedoms, responsibilities & advocating for what you need can feel overwhelming.

An ADHD coach can help guide you through this new adventure. You don’t have to wade into this new territory alone!

Coaching sessions focus on what you need to help achieve your goals and be successful.

You may need:

  • Time Management Strategies
    • Help with Procrastination
    • Setting goals and time lines for projects
    • Managing your class load
  • Organization Skills
    • Prioritizing
    • Minimizing distractions
    • Study Skills
    • Managing your personal space
    • Maintaining a schedule
  • Life Skills
    • Developing healthy habits
    • Managing your focus and attention
    • Setting proper boundaries
    • Making time for fun

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A college student with ADHD is 7 times more likely to be on academic probation than his peers. This doesn’t have to be you!

Don’t continue to struggle on your own! Discover how ADHD coaching can help you conquer and succeed!

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