Coaching Services for Children, Tweens, and Teens

Does your child, tween or teen with ADHD struggle with social skills, maturity, academics, impulsive behavior, emotional outburst, time management, organization and more?

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ADHD Coaching can help your child, tween or teen:

  • Understand how their ADHD brain works and the reasons they struggle with certain skills.
  • Identify what they do well and how they can use their strengths to be successful
  • Develop customized strategies, and routines to help with organization, time management, homework and more
  • Discover how they naturally learn, remember and pay attention so they can begin to ask for what they need to learn in the classroom and at home
  • Identify their social skills blind spots and how to develop more meaningful relationships at school and at home
  • Learn to recognize their impulsive behavior and develop techniques to help modify this behavior before it happens

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For many ADDers school is overwhelming, frustrating and associated with failure rather than success. They feel alone, misunderstood, and wonder why they can’t keep up with their peers in the classroom. Coaching can provide your student with tools to succeed!

High school students with ADHD are twice as likely to drop out of school as their peers. (ADDCA) Don’t let your student become a statistic. Coaching can help them succeed.

Learn how ADHD coaching can empower your child, tween or teen with tools and strategies to be more self confident, self aware and experience greater success.

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