jen and carl1Hi! Welcome to Fantastically Focused. If you are visiting my site, chances are you or someone you love is impacted by ADHD.

You can learn more about me in the “About” menu above. But for now, meet my son, Carlton, the reason for Fantastically Focused! Carlton is one of the smartest, funniest, creative kids you will ever meet. He enjoys karate, plays trombone in his school marching band, and likes annoying his little sister. But his favorite hobby by far is video games! And when he is doing something he’s interested in…boy can he focus!

Carlton was diagnosed with ADHD in 2nd grade. It has been and still is a long, bumpy road. But I love this little man and everything he has brought to my life…even the challenges.

I want ADDers to understand they are not broken and don’t need to be fixed. They are uniquely and fantastically made! I want parents of ADDers to know they are not alone on this journey, and they can foster great relationships with their child.

If you are impacted by ADHD, I would love to partner with you as a resource and coach and encourage you on your journey.



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